Teen Rape Double Standards: Now and Then


In 2009 it looks like this:


Hmmm… 17 year old boy has sex with his 14-year old girlfriend & was charged with statutory rape.


But a 17 year old girl from the same town committed the same crime, and she was not charged the same way.


An author afflicted with a black-belt in intellect made a comment along the lines that double standards are not unusual, but it’s just unusual to find such a clear example.


Soooo… Fedrz wonders… it must be due to some gender bias that has gotten out of control only recently… It must be. Let’s have a look at what it was like way back when women were “oppressed”, shall we?


The Legal Subjection of Men, Belfort Bax, 1908, p37


So far has this revolting sex privilege been pushed that a boy of 14 can be convicted for committing an act to which he was incited by a girl just under 16, although, as is well known, a girl of that age is often a woman, while a boy of 14 is usually a child.

This, however, does not exhaust the women’s privilege of seduction.  Not merely a female minor, but female adults are protected by exceptional law.  Any person who, by false representations, procures immoral relations with a woman not of known immoral character–though the woman be 35 and the male culprit 14—is liable to imprisonment with hard labour for two years.


The Fraud of Feminism, Belfort Bax, 1913, p65


One of the most infamous enactments indicative of Feminist sex bias is the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1886.  The Act itself was led up to with the usual effect by an unscrupulous newspaper agitation in the Feminist and Puritan interest, designed to create a panic in the public mind, under the influence of which legislation of this description can generally be rushed through Parliament.  The reckless disregard of the commonest principles of justice and common-sense of this abominable statute may be seen in the shameless sex privilege it accords the female in the matter of seduction.  Under its provisions a boy of fourteen years can be prosecuted and sent to gaol for an offence to which he has been instigated by a girl just under sixteen years, whom the law, of course, on the basis of the aforesaid sex privilege, holds guiltless. The outrageous infamy of this provision is especially apparent when we consider the greater precocity of the average girl as compared with the average boy of this age.





It can’t be! Our esteemed academics, in all their gender-idiot-equality glory, would have looked it up, wouldn’t they? I mean. It was sitting right there!


But, you know what the Dean of the Department of Useful Idiotology recommends, don’t you?  


Step One: Run to the government.

Step Two: Hold onto your crotch like a toddler needing to pee.

Step Three: In the whiniest voice possible, repeat the following phrase:


“DOOOoooOOOoooOOOooo Something! We’re not EEEeeeEEEeeekwal!”


Step Four: Wait for totalitarianism to arrive.

Step Five: Pay homage to the “noble suffragettes,” for their kind of feminism was “good.”

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9 Comments on “Teen Rape Double Standards: Now and Then”

  1. ds Says:

    fedrz has been quiet lately. he must be working on another masterpiece.

    we’re anxiously waiting, rob!

    what? you’re not engaged are you?

  2. JustSomeGuy Says:

    Rob, any chance you’ve read this popular site? http://www.devilskitchen.me.uk/
    It’s libertarian in nature and hits some of the right notes, but needs a kick up the ass. Your kind of knowledge is needed over there.

  3. Deansdale Says:


    Rob, even if you don’t have time for new posts here on your blog, please tell us where you comment on other blogs, because we want to read 🙂
    You’re a f*cking EINSTEIN of this stuff 🙂
    I found you at MarkyMarks’s and at Novaseeker’s but who knows where else you wander…

  4. fedrz Says:

    Hi guys, lol, sorry, I haven’t been back here for a while… I’m not very good with computers, and learning WordPress gives me a headache. Lol! People had to hold my hand teaching me how to use blogger.

    I didn’t realize that some people had left comments here in the meantime. This blog is not very well advertised. I just came back here today to look for a link.

    I often comment at Dr. Helen’s, and occasionally at Small Dead Animals (a Canuck non-MRM blog – but male friendly).

    Lol! Nope, not engaged.

    While most men are only a blowjob away from abandoning “the cause,” I’m gonna require a few years worth of them.

    I like making posts on my own blog, because I can make clear, uninterupted arguments, but… things don’t always just “flow out of me.” Quite often, I have to turn it all off for a few months, and then things chug around in my mind, and I’m good for a few more months of posting. I don’t know why, but that’s the way it works.

    I’ll surf around the Devil’s Kitchen – never been there before. Although, I am working on a few projects here and there already…

  5. Hawaiian Libertarian Says:

    Hey Rob! Longtime no see! Why’d ya get rid of “No Ma’am”? Your archives were a freaking resource!!!!! I hope you saved it all!

  6. Hawaiian Libertarian Says:

    Nevermind…I guess since you quit updating it, it doesn’t register on my “most recent updated” blogroll…but the uRL works fine! Please don’t EVER take that page down!!!

  7. Savvy Says:

    wow! when I was 16, I had a 14 year old boyfriend and he was quite mature in stature. But then, I looked to be about 14 also. Between us, absolutely nothing happened because we were both too shy. All that changed later when he was with an aggressive girl his own age. It was obvious she was pressuring him and wasn’t shy at all in that way.

    I don’t think kids at this age even know the implications of their behavior. I’ve heard of high school girls offering sex to their teachers. It’s really outrageous.

  8. sept Says:

    fedrz, get your butt over here. We need an expert on marxism …


  9. leeraconteur Says:


    Is there a way to contact you securely?

    An email?

    All the best,
    Lee @ http://www.do-not-marry.com

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