Very Few Women Are Capable Of Empathizing With Men

Very few women are capable of empathizing with men. There are about as many women who have the ability to empathize with men as there are children capable of empathizing with adults.

This is what most men fail to grasp, and why they go round and round in circles trying to “explain things” to women. Women just don’t care. We are here for their purposes, not ours.

“Women have no sympathy… And my experience of women is almost as large as Europe. And it is so intimate too. Women crave for being loved, not for loving. They scream at you for sympathy all day long, they are incapable of giving you any in return for they cannot remember your affairs long enough to do so.” — Florence Nightingale

Esther Villar says about the same thing, over and over again, in her book “The Manipulated Man.”

What men don’t “get” is that we (men) are a “business” to women. The attention women can get from men is their survival tactic. It does not mesh with the male survival drive, which is “go get” or “go create.” Sadly, we men have a hard time understanding that women rarely have the same desires as we do.

Women are designed by nature to look “yummy” to us so that we will give of ourselves to women. This is nature. It is not nature for it to occur the other way around. It works the same way as with women and children. Children will rarely care for the mother the way that the mother will care for the child. Children are not designed to empathize with mothers in the same way that mothers are designed to empathize with their children.

Women will never “care” about men in the same way that men “care” about the wellbeing of women. It has always been women who have walked out on men more than the other way around… it has always been women that have been more opposed to adultery laws than men… the 10% of children are the result of cuckolding is supposedly a fairly consistent stat over time/history/populations.

We are designed like this by nature, and men who are sitting around and waiting for women to smarten up and show men the proper amount of empathy/sympathy are being no more intelligent than a mother sitting down and crossing her arms until her children show a reciprocal amount of empathy for her… both will be sitting there for a looooong time.

You can even see how this works with the way that men and women buy family vehicles. The wife and kids are always put in the best vehicle/mini-van/SUV as possible to “protect them” etc. etc. while the husband drives the run-down piece of crap to work… when the time comes that the husband gets a second vehicle you can usually hear the wife chirping in, “We had to get Joe a new truck… because the last one wasn’t safe and we don’t know what we would do if something happened to him.”

That’s the way it has always been and the way it will likely always be. Men are a tool to women… a “business.” And to successfully work that business, they must always appear in the needy/attention category. Babies who don’t cry don’t get milk… and women who don’t get attention don’t get taken care of by men. It is an innate feature of humans.

Women do control society’s values and mores… they lead with what they think is fashionable, and men follow, because by nature we are designed to give women what they want.

Women “are” society. What women’s wants are is what society’s wants are. This is where women are lying when they talk about the dreaded “patriarchy.” The patriarchy only existed because women explicitly approved of it, and endorsed it morally – causing the men to follow suit.

This is what is happening today too. Most of the anti-feminist battle is not going to be between men and women… it is going to be between women who want a “traditional man” and those who want a collective “government husband.” In both cases the women are advocating for men to take care of women – with little concern for the man’s wants and needs – one wants a personal slave to serve her & her offspring, while the other wants a slave class to serve women and their offspring in general.

It’s the way human beings are designed. Who cares whether women rule, or if they rule the rulers? The result is the same. It’s not going to change. These are the types of factors that have to be taken into account every time someone starts advocating for “change” or even worse, “equality.” (GAK!)

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“If it’s not right, Go Your Own Way!”
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5 Comments on “Very Few Women Are Capable Of Empathizing With Men”

  1. FullyAwake Says:

    Excellent post. So true! Tis why I’m a MGHOW.

  2. John Says:

    Absolute bullshit. FullyAwake be damned.

  3. fedrz Says:

    There are no girls here to impress, John. Whiteknighting on the internet won’t get you laid.

  4. FullyAwake Says:

    FullyAwake is here to help you, ‘john’. You know what a ‘john’ is, right? Live by your own rules and die like a VIKING, john. Live free and die a true man, john. You chart your own destiny, john. That’s what men do, john. What’s da matter john, no daddy to bring you up to speed? Boo-hoo! Think of us as your step-daddy, john. We won’t steer your wrong. We’re here to help you. We’re the voice of truth, john. Listen.

  5. FullyAwake Says:

    Look guys – women feel entitled to whatever they want. You, as ‘the man’ are supposed to give them that which they covet (her princess – you slave). When denied, they’ll do whatever is necessary to destroy anyone in their path (i.e., you HE-BITCH). They have no problem using men as ATMs while they wait for something better to come along (i.e., hypergamy). Never be that fool.

    Most men are ‘woman-challenged’, so the cycle of man annihilation continues into perpetuity. I used to be woman-challenged myself, so I know what it is to be that naïve. Now, after having matured-by-fire, I understand the nature of the HOs. I’m a happy bachelor, living large and unfettered. Trust me, this is what you want, not a wife and kids.

    Take my advice. Women are good for one thing. Never invest heavily in them – lest ye be open to unfathomable lasting pain and deep regret. Live your life calling your own shots. Die like a VIKING, not like some chick’s BITCH!

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