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Ah, yes. Boobs!


Two things that are constantly on the minds of both genders are a woman’s breasts. Of course, fembots have been convincing women that men are pigs because they can’t keep their eyes off of a woman’s chest when they talk to her. Bad, bad, men! They treat women like nothing more than sex objects!


Yes, men are pigs!
But, why aren’t women considered to be pigs when they expose the fleshy globes for the whole world to see? Does anyone really believe that a woman “innocently” didn’t realize that she was advertising her jahoobies when she pulled on a blouse like this in the morning?

Women, unlike men, never buy clothes without trying them on first. When the above (appropriately faceless) woman bought that blouse, she first pulled it on in a dressing room, stood in front of a mirror, and I guarantee you that her eyes were fixed on her boobs in the mirror’s reflection. It is no accident when a woman displays cleavage. It is not like accidentally walking around with your fly unzipped.
Back in the day, before I unplugged from the fematrix, I used to make damn sure that I never looked at woman’s boobs when talking to her, no matter how flagrantly she displayed them. I listened to the ceaseless propaganda about how degrading it was for a man to talk to a woman’s chest instead of her face, and I let non-logical PCism cloud my mind and not think about the woman’s role in all of it.
Women are intensely aware of their boobs. Before puberty, girls ache for their first training bra. Flat chested teenage girls are viciously jealous of the girl who blooms early and receives male attention for it. At the same time, the earlier bloomer hears the propaganda about how degrading it is for men to like her breasts and goes into her first, of many to come, victim modes and allows her clouded female brain to be contradictory by believing she’s a victim of her boobs while secretly loving it and playing on her sexual power over the boys at the same time. Of course, the woman who remains flat chested into adulthood believes she is equally victimized because she doesn’t receive similar male attention.
Women buy bras that make their boobs look firmer than what they are, that lift and separate them to make them more appealing, there are padded ones to make them bigger, and they can even buy ones with built-in hard nipples. Women are intensely aware of their boobs and the power that they wield. Boob jobs are the number one plastic surgery done in our femi-narcististic world.
When this woman left the house in the morning, she knew she was putting her boobs on display for the world. Go ahead. Have a good, long look at them! That’s what she wants – no matter what her flapping gums might be currently whining about.


“Talk to my face, not my chest. Pig!” Says the appropriately faceless creature.
This reminds of what I once read in Jack Kammer’s excellent book, If Men Have All The Power, How Come Women Make All The Rules, in which Mr. Kammer makes a keen observation about the difference between Men & Women’s sexuality. He says that when a man “comes on to a woman,” it is like dealing with an annoyingly pushy door to door salesman who targets one customer and digs his heels in trying to convince the one person in front of him. But women’s sexuality is advertised like annoying junk mail (or internet spam). It is ever present. You cannot escape it. She advertises to the whole world and whether the recipient wants to recieve her advertisement or not is of little concern to her. She targets everyone and plays the numbers game of “if I advertise to 100 people, I will get one nibble – and if I advertise to 1,000 people, I will get 10 nibbles.”


So, let’s get it straight. Women who show off the jahoobies, are trolling for sexual attention. It is very rare for a woman to “accidently” let someone see her fleshy globes. A woman who wears a tight, form fitting blouse like the following, fully well knows that her blouse accentuates her breasts:



And when a woman leans forward and “accidentally” lets you look clear down her blouse to her belly button, like the following, it is no accident either.


Don’t believe me that it is no accident? Then ask yourself why only women with “boobs to be proud of” allow this. How come flat chested women never “accidentally” flash the mammaries? How come older women, whose boobs are well passed their prime years, are never giving you shots like that? How come men aren’t wearing shirts that show off the man-boobs every time they lean over? Because the women whose cleavage & boobs you do see are quite aware that they are “accidentally-on purpose” doing it. That’s why.
“Now, Rob,” you say, “what’s the big deal?”
Well, as some of you may know. The only Television I watch anymore is the Business News Network. A few weeks ago I was watching and listening for business reports of various natures when, in typical TV propaganda fashion, the filthy TV programmers decided it would be prudent to have a short 5-minute interview with some stunned female academic who was “an expert” on workplace etiquette. It didn’t take this harpy with a BS in Academia more than one breath after introducing herself before she femi-moaned about sexual harrasment in the workplace, like when male co-workers are looking down a woman’s blouse.
I just can’t tell you how much it annoys me that the only “intellectual” thing that “academic” women seem capable of discussing, when interviewed, is women’s victimhood in some way at the hands of those awful males. I taught the TV screen a few things about how foul my mouth can get when confronted with sexist women like that.


But it reminded me of a place where I worked once, and where I had a lower-level manager who was a woman.
Now, this woman came to work each day like a tarted up little whore. Her blouses would be unbuttoned down to the maximum point – as in, undo one more button and she would be displaying below the bottom of her bra – you know the type. This woman, every day, wore very short skirts – very short. Short enough that everyone knew she was wearing stockings instead of pantyhose, because the lacy top of the stockings would sometimes come into display if she bent over to pick something up etc.
But what this woman, a manager, used to do to me was complete sexual harassment. Passive sexual harrassment. On several occasions, when in her office discussing various work related issues, this woman would lean back in her chair, locking her hands behind her head like she was stretching – and lean way back, with a short skirt, legs open, and display clear shots up her skirt of the crotch of her panties.


I don’t believe it was an accident. Exhibitionism is a top female sexual fantasy.
And here becomes the situation: You have to talk to a woman, out of work related neccessity, who is either leaning forward to talk to you, and fully displaying her cleavage to you – or she is leaning back and talking to you, fully displaying the crotch of her panties. Yet, you are expected to only be looking her in the eyes while she is displaying herself like a Penthouse Centerfold. She is looking at your face, and if you should allow your eyes to betray that you are fully aware that she is displaying herself sexually, YOU could be charged with sexual harassment in the workplace and not her! You could lose your job, wind up being sued, and have difficulty securing another job – the stakes are positively huge!
Now, the thoroughly corrupted feminist legal system has ambiguously defined Sexual Harassment in the Workplace as “that which would make a reasonable woman uncomfortable.” But what about men? This woman made me uncomfortable in the workplace! I even contemplated discussing it with higher level management but I decided against it, contemplating that if I allowed them to know that I had been seeing down this woman’s blouse and up her skirt, that I would get the boot for sexually harassing her. So I kept my mouth shut and endured the tightrope that this sexually flagrant harlot forced me to walk. And it did affect my professional performance, because I dreaded dealing with her, and that did affect the bottom line profitability of that particular business. I go to work to make money, not to ogle women. And the owner of the company started the business to make money, not to provide some tramp a venue to fulfill her exhibitionism fetish.
And here is where we get back into “amorality.” As I previously pointed out, women don’t put themselves on display by accident. All women know this. Women are very aware of how to hide their bad features and accentuate their desireable features. The boobs you see are boobs you are meant to see. Yet, should some woman level a charge of sexual harassment against a man for looking at the boobs that you were meant to see, all the other women will quickly rally around the “afronted” woman and support her over the male pig. Even though they full well know “the game.” At best, the other women will remain silent and not call the exhibitionist woman on her bullshit and let the man go down in flames. That is amoral behaviour.
Women should be discriminated against in the workplace until they all start dressing for business instead of dressing for attention. It’s about time that women start showing up in suits, and with a tie, so that they are forced to “button up.” Otherwise, given the sexual harassment bias of our legal system, coupled with female sexual fetishes and natural amorality, women are a profit draining lawsuit waiting to happen and it is justifiable to unemploy their asses.

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13 Comments on “The Jiggly Room”

  1. Yo Says:


    Thank you very much for the tremendous time and effort that you have put into your blogs, which are essential gifts to men.

    Your attitude and scholarship are amazing and inspirational.

    Does one (or a specific group) of your many blogs contain all of the books and articles?

    Also, a short time ago I found links to new articles on no-maam, but now they seem to have disappeared.

    I have downloaded all of your sites (that I could find), and I update this personal-research archive, from time to time.

    If possible, could you please reactivate the collapsible index-by-date on your blogspot sites. This would reduce the number of blogspot housekeeping files that need to be downloaded (in order for the links to work) by tens of thousands.

  2. fedrz Says:

    Hello, Yo.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    The No Ma’am blog is the main blog, which all of the links in these posts direct you to.

    If you scroll down the sidebar, on No Ma’am, go past the blogroll, and you will see all the “books” that are entered.

    “The Philosophy of Men Going Their Own Way” is on the front page, but I am still in the process of revamping it and updating it.”

    I copy them here as a back-up.


  3. fedrz Says:

    The “new” articles simply became part of “The Philosophy of Men Going Their Own Way.”

    They are in there, in the link list.

    • fedrz Says:

      I put the blog archive back up for you on No Ma’am – it is a ways down the page, where the sidebar changes colour. The reason I took it off is because the thing is just too big, and I’d rather people click on other links.

      Everything I have is “double posted” so, the archives on the other blogs are rather meaningless.

      My “system” goes like this, I enter the article first on the No Ma’am blog, I change the date so that it goes into the archives rather than the front page… and I fill it up with links and whatnot. Then, I can simply copy and paste the article to one of my other blogs, schedule it for release, and poof! it gets published and all of the links work.

      What I have done on the Jiggly Room & Polk High blogs, is I have them all scheduled for a full year into the future. After they have all published, all I have to do is go back in there, revert the article back to draft, change the year on the date tab, and republish. Then, “poof” a full year of articles gets republished.

      Man, did that take a long time to set up (I’ve been slowly working on it for a few years now), but now that it is done, it is so simple to maintain. With about an hour or two’s effort once a year, around 700 posts automatically go back into publication.

      However, this also means that if you go to the No Ma’am blog and look through the archives, you will find that they are not actually in the order that they were originally published in (I “grouped them” by date – like, the Wisdom of Zenpriest are all dated the same, so that within my blog, they are one after the other).

      But, it sure makes thing easy now. Like here at the Fedrz’ blog, these articles are actually from “The Philosophy of MGTOW.” This is “my book.” And what I am currently doing is proof reading through the whole thing, and adding in quotes and links etc. etc., plus there are a few unfinished articles in there, or a couple of articles that still need to be written.

      Each time I am done, I simply copy and paste the article over here as a back-up. (Off of blogger).

      Once I am done, I should have around 65 or 70 articles of my own, all written to be “timeless” (they are about theory, rather than current events), and then I will schedule them on the No Ma’am blog, like I have done on the other blogs, and just keep running them, year after year. Every 5 or 6 days, another article will keep appearing on the front page, forever.

      Then Rob will die.

      it will be a spectacular death with fire and explosions, I am sure. (It’s better to burn out than to fade away!) But, it is time to move on.

  4. Wow – this was YESTERDAY? Awesome! I thought perhaps I’d stumbled on a rant from months ago or something (never CAN tell where the random links you click on will take you, you know)!

    I fully agree with this entire post. This is definitely “Emperor-approved”! You know who else would like this? My anti-feminist female friend over at Darling Doll (!

    You’d probably enjoy a related article I wrote a while back, too (

    Thanks for this article, on behalf of every Real Man still out there!
    – Emperor Lu Bu

    • fedrz Says:

      Heh, actually it was written back in 2007.

      I wonder why your comment got hung up in moderation… I don’t think I have any restrictions on comments in here. I’ll have to check it out.

      • I was just referring to the time stamp at the bottom that said it was posted yesterday. If you wrote it back in 2007, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still TRUE.

        By the way, I’ve been reading your old Blogspot “No Ma’am” posts pretty much all day. I know you’re all about having this information free to everyone, but some people won’t read anything they don’t buy in a bookstore, you know?

        I’m just saying – this well-thought-out, wise information needs to be put out in the public somehow. For my part, I’ll try to piece together a well-printed, leather-bound copy and teach my kids from it, as this is everything I think – just wonderfully written out for me so I don’t have to spend the next few years of MY life doing it!

        Thank you – a million times – thank you, sir!

  5. fedrz Says:

    Yeah, I know the reason to publish one’s own work. And… I seriously thought about it.

    But, the whole way through this “journey” I said I would never try to make money, because the money always influences your direction. In fact, back in 2006 when MGTOW first started up, we actively shunned people seeking money.

    Rob Fedders is going to die. Better that he holds true to his ideals until death.

    The next book I write, I will try to make money on.

    This one is for men, and it is for free.

    I’m glad you can use it.

  6. Yo Says:

    Hello, Fedrz,

    Thank you very much for explaining your system, and for putting the blog archive back up on No Ma’am!

    You site is THE premier source of information in this genre, so I was always worried that I might be missing something.

    The blog archive will allow me to maintain a more current copy, because I will now be able to update everything to just a few levels (level 1 = everything linked to the home page, level 2 = everything linked to everything that is linked to the home page, and so on).

    Without the blog archive, a high level limit is required in order to ensure completeness, and you can see how that would cause the number of files to increase exponentially, as the links started going round and round.

    I noticed that you are having to smack that bitch Boxer again, this time over at Dalrock’s place.

    Ensuring an actual discussion is as important as allowing differing viewpoints, so I am surprised that so few blog owners who moderate comments do anything about people who refuse to respond to precise questions or counterarguments, but instead just keep repeating the same bullshit, with ad hominems thrown in for good measure.

    Best wishes.

  7. fedrz Says:

    “I noticed that you are having to smack that bitch Boxer again, this time over at Dalrock’s place.”

    You know, to be perfectly truthful, guys like Boxer are a little intimidating. Those big words and fancy gobbly-die-gook bullshit things are kinda threatening… until I start looking through them closely and examining exactly what they are saying between the bullshit.

    Once that is done… fedrz goes into action.

    But, certainly, even though I only have two years of college education, I see no reason to back down.

    It is kinda wierd.

    • fedrz Says:

      I think I have him on the run again… but you never know. He certainly doesn’t want to engage me directly.

    • Yo Says:

      You are obviously extremely intelligent, and you have demonstrated the capacity to perform research rationally and rigorously, at a level that surpasses what is required for a PhD.

      My specialization is mathematical physics, so I have been able to avoid posturing buffoons like Boxer, to a great extent.

      I was fortunate in having had, from a young age, assessments confirming that I was smarter than most, and I am certain that you have been, and still are, underestimating yourself, to a very significant degree.

      The invariants present in all “big words and fancy gobbly-die-gook bullshit things” are a lack of clarity, and a lack of external foundation and internal consistency. Those who babble such defective arguments are ignorant and confused, at best.

      Furthermore, true experts can (and will) explain complex concepts in a simple but coherent way that is understandable even to those with no previous knowledge of the topic or its prerequisites, and true experts would gain nothing from highlighting that they know more than those who are seeking to learn.

      Great thinkers present arguments in a simple and clear manner, and ensure that everything proceeds from a well-documented foundation, and in a logical progression that facilitates understanding. This is something that you do exceptionally well!

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