Man Going His Own Way (MGHOW)

“When I have one foot in the grave, I will tell the whole truth about women. I shall tell it, jump into my coffin, pull the lid over me and say, ‘Do what you like now’.” — Leo Tolstoy

Ghost Nation
There is a generation of men fading from view. This is a global phenomenon but it is particularly noticeable (if this is not a contradiction in terms) in the feminist countries.

Men, who have been pushed to the margins in so many ways have simply elected to disappear. I would imagine that as many as one million men have disappeared either partially or completely from view in the United Kingdom alone- meaning one in twenty or so of the native born male population. For the most part this disappearance has occurred without anyone noticing particularly because it has consisted of a gradual fading from view rather than a dramatic exodus from the mainstream.

I call these men the Ghost Nation and would like to introduce the term to common use. How does one become a citizen of the ghost nation? It occurs in many ways, very few of them are pleasant.

First of all one may become a member of the ghost nation by virtue of coming from a broken home. They have never seen either parent work and are told daily that men and boys are useless. As a result they never get the habit of work and drift around the edges of crime. Women coming from the same background have an option that is not available to men and this is to become pregnant. This ensures the basics of life and gives purpose.

Young men have no anchor whatever, other than the gangs they may belong to and other groups of men they may hate. He is how young men come to religious fundamentalism, political extremism and violence- a life has to be about something and these men’s lives are about nothing at all.

These men are among the most dangerous beings upon the face of the earth. These are the men who make revolutions, a barbarian army within the city walls. They may create or destroy and have no place in the existing order of things and no loyalty to it.

I call these men the ghost army simply because they have no dealings with wider society and are thus invisible to it. They rarely vote and own nothing. At present their anger is purely destructive and tribal in nature- directed against other races and other subcultures such as followers of other music.

Older men are joining the ghost nation more consciously and for other reasons. We (for this is my group) have clearer moral guidelines and have rejected crime and parasitism. Nevertheless we have no place in the existing order of things. Some of us have lost everything through divorce and realised that marrying in the feminist world is simple slavery. We know that no matter how honest we may be the courts and legal system will punish every good deed.

Therefore we work at things that interest us. We become harder to control because we are no longer willing to work inhuman hours for a woman’s approval.

Gradually we extricate ourselves from everything we have been brainwashed to believe is normal. This includes consumer credit, expensive chemical sludge pretending to be food and that strange 19th century invention, the career.

Gradually we eliminate, point by point, everything that ties us to the feminist state. This takes both economic and emotional form. Rather than let the media form our opinions for us because we are too tired to do anything else, we form our views actively on the internet.

Gradually, gradually we fade from view. We cannot even talk to people who are still within the system because most of them can only talk about their work.

The third group is those who are nearing retirement. They know they will be rich almost anywhere other than the feminist nations and therefore become free at the moment they are no longer needed by feminist society.

Have you seen yourself in these three groups?

Are you a citizen of the ghost nation?  

To All:
Read “Atlas Shrugged” and see how nothing today is really any different than it was decades ago when a brilliant and insightful woman chronicled the inevitable results of a society addicted to destructive consumption. Decide whether you are a creator or a looter, and whether you can commit to the Pledge:

“I swear, by my life and my love for it, that I will never live my life for the sake of another, nor ask another to live for mine.”

If you can, then: Harm none, do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.

This is John Galt speaking, I WILL end this if I can.

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6 Comments on “Man Going His Own Way (MGHOW)”

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  2. JD Says:

    Hey Fedrz,
    I probably live about 4 hours from you, anytime you’re headed east on the TCH I would be honoured to buy you a beverage, man.

  3. Robertt Avro Says:

    A very interesting article, and as recently retired guy in his late 50’s I have to agree with what you say…its about the fading of men at the edges of society and their unwillingness to engage with females or society in general. And I see this in each of my 25 year old son’s friends. They have drawn away from women and not one of them is anywhere near married, or even committed to women in any way. And when my son and I sit and watch the modern portrayal of average fathers and men on network tv we are just stunned at the denigration of the average male, and how common the theme is. Why would any young man want that for himself?
    But in this society the law of unintended consequences is now at work and the gap (more like a chasm) between the sexes is wider than it has ever been. And yet I know that women need family love and pair bonding as much as they ever have, but so many have been taught to push men down and away in such a manner that the traditional type of relationship that so many of them still desire so very much will never be something they achieve. And in the end that will hurt women more than it will men, who are much better at being “lone wolf” type citizens than women are…but then, as the old saying goes, you reap what you sow, and indeed feminism has brought us a bitter harvest when it comes to the relations between man and woman.

  4. Greg Dean Says:

    Classic read. I had to Google the Tolstoy quote just in case it wasn’t real. But there it was!

    The older I get the more I realise that nobody ever cared about what I did in my life and even just in one generation, the only imprint I will have had are the photos and videos on Facebook.

    The only real things that control our movements are
    – Our ability to earn an income
    – The governments needs tax us as much as possible
    – A woman’s needs to tax us of our valuable time.

    As I write this comment, I am travelling Russia. And I see a split line down the middle of the masculine and the feminine. There are no blurred lines that I can see. This is man. This is woman. Women are feminine. Men are masculine.

    The blurring of this in the west has destroyed so many values that there is ZERO point in even seeking a long term relationship. But I am all for being in the honeymoon period with a woman until that moment she has her first bad mood outburst. Life is way too short to allow useless drama to control us

  5. omalone1 Says:

    Gwiz so glad u stumbled upon this

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